PPMK Jogja – Pemberdayaan Perempuan Memerangi Kemiskinan


Currently, I’m doing a master thesis research for MA-International Social Sciences at Friedensau Adventist University, Germany. With 20 years of working experiences in the fields of financial management, internal control/auditor, managing fund/grant of local and international non-government organizational, government institution, profit companies and also as a part-time lecturer at Universitas Pelita Harapan, Karawaci.

Graduated from IPMI International Business School-Graduate Program in MBA and hold bachelor degree majoring in Accounting from Universitas Advent Indonesia.

Currently, PPMK runs several programs such as:

1. Micro-credit

2.Short-term loan

3.Farming project

4. In kind projects

In conducting these projects PPMK’s operational lead by a Director of Program and assisted by hired four staffs, which two staffs responsible for the programs, one staff as a finance and administration and other staff as data and IT management.

Now, with more than 250 clients of micro-credit, short term loan and farming project, however, PPMK needs a systems to control and manage all programs to improve the effectiveness of work and also easier for PPMK can control the loan status of client. The loan status reports should be reported regularly maybe within weekly meeting, that every time PPMK can know the status of loan. Envisions in the future with more than 250 clients that PPMK’s programs is not a small project any more, PPMK has an opportunity to become a great institution through microcredit programs and other program they have that contribute on eradication poverty program in Bantul, Jogjakarta.

For me, doing my four weeks internship in PPMK was not boring, I have been filled with the invaluable experiences and every day I was learning a lot things. It is my honor to stayed and lived with ‘them’ (a.k.a the poor for other) for me they are amazing people, those people who have a strong attitude, and I have been touched and learnt deeply the concept of ‘Nrimo’, as “the magical strength”(Wrote by K.W. Yuniarti, 2009).I met them face to face and very closely, I visited them and they were very welcome, no border. I talked them and hear their voice about the meaning of life. They taught me about the meaning of ‘well-being’. They are very simple people, straight, and full of struggle. I am very glad to have gained this experiences.

The last for the special one, my highly appreciated to Mbak Sulastri, Mbak Triya, Mbak Avi, Mas Agus and Mas Helmi, which gave me an incredible opportunity to be part within PPMK’s circle even only four weeks. It was a wonderful could work together with you guys! I have learnt much of you. I would count it into my resume.

Good luck PPMK!

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