PPMK Jogja – Pemberdayaan Perempuan Memerangi Kemiskinan

In Kind Project

PPMK provides reviewed and determined each year based on our assessment of community needs, as well as input and feedback from our clients. In Kind Project are distributed funds that are accumulated through surplus funds from our projects and through private donations. These funds makeup 30% of our total funding each year and are distributedto PPMK’s clients and the wider community in the form of constructing toilets for underprivileged clients, distributing food packages for the elderly,education scholarships and other education related opportunities, installation of electricity in the homes of underprivileged families, and others agitation and other health initiatives.

1. Education Loans

We are continuing to provide our interest free Educational Loan (E-loan) project that provides educational opportunities to children whose families cannot afford fees associated with basic education (unless they were too sell their assets or securing a usurious loan). The initial enrolment fee for school is quite high in Indonesia and is more than most can afford. Our “Education Loan” program is offered with 0% interest and has a 12-month repayment term. This loan has special requirements. It requires clients to provide “notification from the school of the amount needed” when they apply for the loan and must agree to provide PPMK with a receipt of the fees paid to the school after the loan is granted.

2. Toilet Project

In May 2014 PPMK initiated a toilet project. This project was developed as means of giving back to the community with the surplus from our “Short Term Loan” project. We did a small survey and collected data from the 188 clients we had at the time. We discovered that 35 families were so poor that they did not have a toilet or bathroom. They had no choice but to relieve themselves in the closest stream.
Due to limited resources, we were only able to build toilets for four families in 2014. However, from then on, we have continued to build toilets for our poorer clients every year. It has now been four years since we commenced this project, and we have now provided a total of 25 of the families with latrine facilities.
Throughout time, we have also registered new clients who are in need of toilet facilities. By the end of 2017, we had registered an additional 20 poor families who were without toilet facilities. Our current goal is to build another 20 toilets over the next two years.
By the end of 2018, we completed 6 toilets and in 2019 3 additional toilets has been completed. remain. In total we have completed 28 toilet facilities and 28 underprivileged families have benefited directly from this project. We would like to extend our deepest thanks to all of donors and supporters who contributed to this project, without whom these families would continue to live without hygienic and private latrines.
This project is implementing every years with new list of poor families who are without toilet facilities.

3. Food Packages for the elderly

Through our work with our clients, we have spent considerable time in 38 sub-villages throughout the Bantul Regency, each of which has an aging population. Most of the elderly people are unable to work, and many are widowed and live alone with insufficient food. Therefore, we believe that acts of pure “charity” are required and necessary in certain situations. As such, PPMK initiated a food program three years ago, through which we assembled food packages, containing basic necessities such as rice, milk, oil, biscuits, sugar, tea, and instant noodles, and distributed them to needy elderly people in Bantul, and this has become part of our regular charity work every year. In average, we distributed 100- 300 food packages each year. Our goal is to continue to grow this program by regularly delivering basic necessities to needy elderly people in all of the sub-villages we serve.

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