PPMK Jogja – Pemberdayaan Perempuan Memerangi Kemiskinan

Microcredit Program

  1. Microcredit Program

PPMK’s central activity is our Microcredit Program.  Through this program loans are given to poor women living in villages in Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia. The loan to each client is relatively small and is used to start or expand a small business. Generally, we financed 200 – 400 women. These businesses ranged from services, food supply, crafts, livestock to rice farming.

Our clients usually join our microcredit program in groups of at least five women, however over time we have granted loans to clients individually with special requirements and due to their particular needs. Since the program began, we have financed more than 700 women. Each year, clients come, go, or stay with us for more years to come, and for a multitude of reasons. Each month, the number of clients active with PPMK changes as new clients added, responsible clients stay and old clients leave or are rejected. This cycle continues every month with up to 50 numbers of applications processed each month.

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