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Success Stories

Mrs. Siti: Growth Income from farming

Mrs. Siti has been one PPMK’s clients for seven years. She runs a farming business with her husband. She has developed an extremely efficient farming system and she is able to harvest and sell her vegetables almost every day. This is extremely uncommon as farmers usually only sell their products once every three months. Amazingly, Mrs. Siti and her husband have a great farming strategy and can therefore earn a daily income. They have a two square rice paddy fields. However, instead of planting paddy seed, they chose to grow four different vegetables side by side: chillies, cucumbers, eggplants, and beans. They plant each vegetable at a different time and perfectly time the growth periods so that when one crop is ready to be harvested, another can be planted. By selling fresh vegetables to the market every day, Mrs. Siti can afford her family’s expenses.

“Vegetable farming gives me a greater income. If I depend on my husband for money, it’s not enough. I’m able to cover our household expenses and save some money from this business. I’m someone who doesn’t like to just stay at home not doing anything, I don’t like just being reliant to my husband. I’m happier when I have my own income.”

Mrs Dawiyati: Mushroom Business

Mrs. Dawiyati is one of these five women. After two loan periods, she had not shown economic improvement yet. Then, two months ago, she started to sell fried, crispy mushrooms. Business was going-well, however she was having difficulty obtaining the fresh mushrooms. So, she tried to grow the mushrooms by herself. She got mushroom seeds from her sister, and then asked others how to grow it. She started on a small scale, and she successfully grew the mushrooms. Currently, she is able to produce around 5 kilograms of mushrooms every day. She fries the fresh mushrooms and sells them directly to her customers. The mushrooms she grows are not enough to fulfil orders from her customers, so she also has to buy some fresh mushrooms from the market. Since she decided to grow some of the mushrooms herself, her income has increased 100%. She plans to expand the business by increasing the amount of mushrooms that she grows by herself.

“At the beginning, I sold fried crispy mushrooms, then I found it was difficult to get fresh mushroom and when I did find them price was already quite expensive. My sister had previously tried to farm mushroom but she failed. But she told me to learn how to do it, so I tried to farm them myself on a small scale. It worked. In a day, I fry 6 kg of mushroom, sometimes more. I farm mushroom myself, so my income is higher. “

Mrs. Emma: Food Stall Business

Mrs. Emma is one the clients who found the right business after having failed at her previous business.Mrs. Emma is a mother of two beautiful girls and has been a PPMK client for 6 years. She has had ups and downs in her business ventures during this time. She started out as a batik bag tailor, earning $2 a day. After that, she opened a small grocery store, but it was not successful. She then took a break for a year after her second daughter was born. After a yearlong break, she started a business selling gethuk, a traditional food made from cassava. For a couple months this business seemed like it might have potential but it ultimately failed too. She had difficulty repaying her loan with PPMK, so we helped her by extending her repayment period. Mrs Emma almost gave up because she had such a hard time. Then, she came to us to apply a Short Term Loan. We were apprehensive about granting her a new loan because she had still not managed to pay off her previous loan, but we decided after a few days of deliberation that we should give her a chance. We gave her another loan to start another new business. We did so because we know her well and because she has been a responsible client all year. We also granted her another loan because she found a really good location for her food stall business: right near one of the biggest universities in our area. She sells cheap food and drinks, cheap enough for university students to afford. Mrs. Emma’s income has increased; she now makes a profit of $30/day. Her husband quit his job and now runs the business with her. She’s even hired one person to help her.

“Thank you PPMK for always assisting me, throughout many difficult times. I have been a client for more than 4 years, and I have felt the sincerity of PPMK in supporting many women in need. I hope all the best for PPMK in their working continuing to help other women.

A success story: Mrs. Suyamtimah, A cassava noodle maker

Mrs. Suyamtimah is one our most successful clients even though she is illiterate. She runs a food business from her home making noodles from cassava flour. She has made significant progress in the past 5 years as one of our clients. The condition of her house has hugely improved. Her floor is now ceramic tile and she was able to buy a freezer, television, and a motorcycle. She now lives in a nice house and her standard of living and comfort has increased because her business has improved. She was able to hire 3 employees to help run her business. One employee helps to make the noodle mixture dough, another helps to make the noodle, and the last helps to sell the noodles at the market. She handles the cooking and the mixture of herbs and ingredients. In one day she is able to make 100kg of noodles. Recently, she built a huge kitchen to produce and sell the product.

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