PPMK Jogja – Pemberdayaan Perempuan Memerangi Kemiskinan

Microcredit Village Tour

We are grass root organization that gives small loans to poor women in Bantul Regency Yogyakarta. This loans use to start or continue small businesses for women. These women and their families live in small villages, far away from the big city and from the main road you often wouldnt expect to find so much life surrounded by paddy fields.
We were move out the office to the country side of Yogyakarta, in order to be close with the women we served. Paddy field view, farmers activities when they have harvest, planting the paddies, plowing the rice field and villagers hospitality are priceless beauty. We are in to this beauty everyday and we thinking we should share this to others who interesting, not only to see but also to taste and involved into.

So we invite you to visit and experiencing privileged tour, riding motorbike along the beautiful view of villages, to feel the villages atmosphere and try any kind of activity and taste traditional snacks women made after you witness how to make it.

We have three option of tour:

  • [1]. A day with PPMK. Its 5-8 hours with us, we will bring you to visit and greet our women with their small business.
  • [2]. More days with. Experience seasonal activity and visit meet and greet more women more villages.
  • [3]. A week with. Youll be involved in every field activities we have, such survey, making proposal training, disbursal new loan, monitoring meeting.


A day tour Activity scheduled:

Activities What Time
Meet the PPMK’s
Coffee& tea, introduction 30 min.
Visiting the micro businesses, meet the women entrepreneurs and microcredit activity with PPMK
2-3 hours
Back to office for snacks/lunch
PPMK provide the snacks from the women products 60 min.
Seasonal Farming activity/ visit other women with different business and location
(occasional) Like plowing, planting, harvest 2 hours

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