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Oyster Mushroom Workshop of CGS Project

At the end of February, we held our first oyster mushroom workshop session. The second was scheduled for March, but the outbreak and social distancing made it impossible for us to hold the workshop as scheduled. Therefore, when the government announced what the “new normal” would look like and allowed limited social activity with heath protocols, we arranged to reschedule the second session of the workshop.

The second second session of the mushroom workshop took place in Wates district where we cooperated with the KT. SedyoMulyo(an agricultural group).KT. SedyoMulyo has more than ten years of experience in the mushroom business.During the session, the trainer shared her amazing knowledge about the mushroom product, including the seeding of mushrooms into the baglogs, the cultivation of oyster mushrooms, and the marketing of these mushroom products. The session focused mostly on mushroom cultivation, but we also had the opportunity to observe the steps in the whole growing process, from planting the seeds to cultivating the mushrooms to tasting the product. Our workshop attendees were enthusiastic, motivated, and impressed with the oyster mushroom business. This workshop is one of the practical skill workshop of CGS project.

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