PPMK Jogja – Pemberdayaan Perempuan Memerangi Kemiskinan

Jetakan women group receives new loan slide
Making tofu
Mrs. Salbilah makes tempe
Mrs. Siti makes Emping Mlinjo ( Mlinjo bean chip)
One of our visitor makes sambal ( chilli grinding)
The farmers are enjoy their tea break
The first day of cooking training
The kids with Ms.Ruby and Ms. Freya in English class
The women participants in sewing training wear the cloths of their practice product
Visiting the villagers
Women's group
processing "padi" into rice
PPMK women sew at home
make bricks (element for building)
make gerabah (kitchen tools made from clay)
make make chips of melinjo

About PPMK Jogja

Sulastri Miharja

The idea for PPMK (Empowering Women to Fight Poverty) began informally in 2002 when PPMK’s founder, Jack Wilson, attended an inspiring workshop conducted by Amanda Zinn, President of ‘Women Entrepreneurs of Baltimore’. On Jack Wilson’s arrival back to Indonesia, he realized that we could do micro-finance here. Jack is a Vietnam Veteran & as luck would have it, about that time he got a generous ‘service related’ disability award from Veteran’s Administration. It was like ‘blood’ money, and it rapidly became clear to Jack that half of it should go to ending poverty which is a big part of the reason we have wars.  more about ppmk..

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A Volunteer Experience

A Volunteer Experience By Caroline Watson After fumbling for the words to tell my bus driver where I needed to be dropped off in Yogyakarta, Central Java, I

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Letter from Violet

Dear Lastri and PPMK, Thank you for allowing my family to visit in December. The girls in one village taught me how to make beaded bracelets. At

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A STORY OF : Clay Stove maker

Keren!!Keren!!Keren!! I often hear women yell these words when visiting local villages. In the Java language “keren” is a stove that is made from clay. Usually they

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