Bathroom for Mrs. Sumiyem Family
Diposting tanggal: 10 Oktober 2014

This weekend, we went to Nguyahan beach to implement a social project, by building bathroom for Mrs.Sumiyem's family.

Mrs. Sumiyem has 5 children. None of her children have more than an elementary school education. Her fourth son, Rudi, left school when he was in fifth grade. He decided not continue his studies because he was bullied by classmates. He was bullied because he appeared effeminate and was beaten by his classmates. Mrs. Sumiyem's youngest son is in fourth grade of elementary school. If her financial condition does not improve he may also not be able to continue his schooling beyond elementary school.

The Sumiyem family lives "on the hill," 2 hours by motorbike from Yogyakarta. Her 10-year-old son works for her neighbor who has bathroom to rent. He is paid $0.02/day. If Mrs. Sumiyem had a bathroom to rent it would help her financially. Renting a bathroom does not require business skills or education. It just need to be kept clean and maintained. The fee to use the bathroom is $0.03. it would be an easy source of income if she were able to built bathroom.

Mrs. Sumiyem really has had a difficult life especially economically. Her mother told us that she was considering suicide. How sad! Finally we secured a donation to help her family, and this weekend PPMK's built a bathroom with 3 rooms that can be rented and become source of income for this family.

Thank you donors. Your donation has given Mrs. Sumiyem's family new hope!!!


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