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A Field officer experience
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A Field officer experience


My Name is Agus.  I’m a PPMK field officer. One of my main jobs is to monitor repayment activity. Every day I visit PPMK’s clients.  On the job I’ve gained a lot of experience and knowledge. I’ve learned how fortunate I am compared to our clients.  I‘ve learned empathy and compassion. Sometimes I have to put my own feelings aside in order not to hurt theirs. 

One day I visited Mrs. M to collect her loan payment.  She is always kind and serves us sweet drinks and snacks when we visit her. 

Our office rule is that we cannot accept anything from our clients, and that we should pay for anything they give us.  But in reality it’s hard to reject our client’s generosity. I was afraid that I would offend Mrs. M if I didn’t accept what she offered.  In our culture it’s not polite refuse a gift.

Another time there was dirt in the drink, which our client served me. I was reluctant to mention it, and I thought I’d offend her if I didn’t drink it. So I closed my eyes, and drank it all, hoping I wouldn’t get sick. Remembering this makes me laugh. I’m glad that I made her smile by appreciating her generosity.  I’m looking forward to the next challenge.


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